Thursday, October 27, 2005

Funny News Story of the Day

Police nab alleged 'Perpsicle'
Very rarely do suspects welcome their arresting officers with open arms.
But Ari Rayvon Stanberry was not only glad to see the police when he was arrested, he couldn't wait to get into the squad car. Why?
The Florida man had just spent a bone-chilling twenty minutes inside a sub-zero deep freezer.
Sgt. Marty Jacobson, a spokesperson for the Stuart Police Department, said although Stanberry was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a lewd and lascivious battery charge, the 22-year-old man's arrest on Oct. 9 was a coincidence.
An officer was investigating an unrelated shoplifting incident in a grocery store when he spotted Stanberry. The officer made eye contact with the suspect, recognized the man's face from his "wanted" poster and gave chase.
Stanberry, however, eluded the officer, who requested backup to conduct a thorough search of the store. Twenty minutes later, officers decided to search the store's trailer-size deep freezer and found the frozen suspect.
"He had accidentally locked himself inside the freezer," Jacobson said. "His dreadlocks were like little Popsicles."
Stanberry, who Jacobson has nicknamed "the Perpsicle," surrendered willingly; he also asked to be taken into a warm squad car.
He is thawing out in the Martin County Jail without bond.


Crazysox said...

What a goof! Didn't his mom tell him not to play with fridges or freezers?

jacquie said...

i remember when Nate wanted dreadlocks.

The One and Only Bugg said...

Seriously???!!!! Nate- you wanted dreds?
hee hee hee

Kristen said...

Funny! I love dumb criminal stories. I heard one a while back about a shop lifter that grabbed a hot dog on his way out. He choked on the hot dog as he tried to make his escape.

jacquie said...

Ya. Nate wanted dreds! Not to bring up a different blog's issue, but Nate always wanted to be black. I am not lying here. He has said many times, "I wish I was black." He figured he would play basketball better and have a better chance at the NBA. The dreds just went along with the bigger dream. Racist!

Nate said...

Whatever, that's such a lie.