Saturday, November 05, 2005

Top Ten on Good 'Ol Trumpy

"Top Ten Ways To Describe Donald Trump's Hair" by David Letterman
10. Odd
9. Peculiar
8. Windswept
7. Trumpy
6. Strangely hypnotic
5. Unbe-weave-able
4. Wiggy
3. Stylish (dumb guys only)
2. Proof money can't buy everything
1. Taj Ma-helmet


jacquie said...

That's worse than the Elvis As A Banana get up.

Martha said...

Is it real, though?

The One and Only Bugg said...

That was mine and Randy's question, too! Why doesn't some crazy person (like Johnny Knoxville) go up to him and tug on it?

Martha said...

"The answer, for the record, is emphatically
and categorically no: I do not wear a rug.
My hair is one hundred percent mine.
No animals have been harmed in
the creation of my hairstyle."

-- Donald J. Trump

The One and Only Bugg said...

Well I guess that solves that mystery! I still wish someone with some cojones would go up and tug on it...ya know, just to make sure.

nathan stryker said...

i think wig manufacturers world wide should be insulted.

Martha said...

Look what I found...see picture on my blog.

Larry King checks
Donald Trump's hair
to see if it's real.

"I'm amazed by how often people ask me
whether or not I wear a hairpiece, a wig,
or a rug, as it is affectionately known."

-- Donald