Friday, September 29, 2006

"Little Miss Sunshine"... an excellent movie! Randy and I went and saw it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were sad parts (Randy even cried once) and absolutely hilarious parts. Steve Carell, Greg Kinnear and the rest of the cast were brilliant. We give it four thumbs up!

The best part of the movie was that some of it was filmed at Ventura's very own Crowne Plaza Hotel and the pier. Everyone in the theatre, including us, were surprised and started laughing when it started showing the hotel and surrounding areas. I didn't know that they had filmed here- why wasn't I notified???!?!?!

Go see it if you can put up with some swearing. Or wait until it hits ABC Family, fully edited, in 5 years. It'll still be a great movie then too.


jacquie said...

i saw them filming it a few months ago. i was driving up kimball rd. and i saw 2 identical yellow v-dub vans and some people with cameras and such on the overpass. then another yellow v-dub van drove under the overpass on the 126 freeway while the camera people filmed. wow! anyone want my autograph?

Randy said...

And just to clear things up, I did not cry at some sappy relationship oriented sob story; it was at a different, more poignant, event in one of the characters' life.

It has a bit of vulgar humor in it as well, so if you don't like to see movies with stuff like that in it then pass on this one.

jacquie said...

vulgar, like worms crawling out of someone's nose?