Monday, September 25, 2006

Can you say Misplaced Priorities?!?!?

Ok- here comes one of my rantings.

Why in hell did New Orleans (and/or Louisiana government, and/or the NFL, and whomever else) spend $185,000,000 to clean up, remodel, and reopen a stadium when half the population remaining there and left homeless from Hurricane Katrina is still living in substandard housing (if they are even that lucky)???? Shouldn't the government be spending all those millions of dollars on something worthwhile, such as scraping bacteria and mold off the streets, rebuilding/remodeling hospitals and the healthcare system in New Orleans, and, well anything else besides an entertainment complex?!?!?!? What is wrong with this picture????!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like a justifiable answer please. Not just "if you build it, they will come" or "It's good for city morale". What a crock of s*#@!

Ok ranting has commenced.


Crazysox said...

Here it is more local; VC just spent who knows how much money on their new footbal stadium and track. They got rid of food on campus, the newspaper and a few other programs because money was needed. BUT there is enough money somehow to build an unneeded football stadium! CRAZY!

Nate said...

First, it really depends on who paid for it. Second, you have to think about how much money via tourism and the such that the Saints generate for the the New Orleans economy. Third, some things are more important than having a place to live, but I thought that was high school football.

Nate said...

And who goes to watch VC football. I always thought their football program was a joke. Maybe I'm wrong.

nathan stryker said...

vc's football was a joke because they didn't have an awesome new stadium!

^ sardonic

JaredB said...

School funding priorities (college and high school) are generally pretty lopsided when it comes to supporting sports over things like, oh I don't know, education.

As for New Orleans, I don't know who paid for the stadium. I'm guessing it wasn't the government, but I also wouldn't be extremely surprised if public money was somehow involved, directly or indirectly. The obvious fact is that whoever paid for it clearly has their priorities, and making money via sports is at the top of the list, for better or worse.

The whole New Orleans rebuilding process is full of stuff like this, though. There are people / groups who are trying to take the opportunity to move in and rebuild higher income residential property to replace that which used to house poorer communities, so not only have these people taken the brunt of the natural disaster, they are now getting forced to stay out by enterprising people interested in "revitalizing" the city.