Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My day

Sometimes I wish I could "beam me up Scottie" and arrive in Indiana just for the day. Click my heals, be in Indiana, then click them again and be back in Cali.
Today was one of those days. I called my sister on the way up to work this a.m. and she answered the phone "Sissy?" and it sounded like she was crying. Granted, my sister is 28. Not normal for her to do, so I knew something was wrong. She proceeded to tell me the story of her horrendous weekend in which she went tubing and slammed her head into her knee hard. Immediately she fell asleep for 12 hours straight. Hello? Did anyone try to wake her? NO! They just thought maybe she had drank a little too much (not realizing she had only 2 drinks that wouldn't even get a five year old buzzed). By Monday she was vomiting and lethargic and her face was swollen and painful. Today, I guess she went into work and one of her subordinates told her that she looked like crap (in so many words) and called Keri's doctor for her. She was ordered to go to the ER, and after a series of CT scans and Xrays, was cleared with an ok bill of health. I don't know whether it was fully determined that she had a concussion, but it sure sounds like it. I am so glad she's ok. I guess she looked pretty beat up though. Hey Keri, send me a picture to show me your wounds.
In other Kristi family news, my grandfather suffered what doctors are calling a stroke this past weekend while visiting St. Louis with my mom and step dad. Grandpa started slurring his words and was unable to walk properly, so they cut the trip short. Mom called me on their way back to Indiana and let me talk to grandpa. He sounded incoherent at times and kept saying "I sound like a drunk, Kristi Jean!". Well, he did sound drunk, but I knew there is a "no alcohol" rule when Donna is around. I told her to call his neurologist as soon as she got back, which she did, and had to take him over to the hospital. He spent 2 nights there and was released. He's recovering now, resting at home.
Click click click, there's no place like home.


Kristen said...

I am glad Keri is ok! The whole situation sounds scary.

Martha said...

Too bad you weren't born with a cape and secret identity.

The One and Only Bugg said...

Or a private jet or some ruby slippers.