Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Randy and I are the proud uncle and aunt of Conrad Jacob (C.J.) Alderson, born this morning at 2:08 am. He is welcomed into this world by mommy Kristen, daddy Nate, and big brother Levi. Kristen and baby are doing well.
I just got back from seeing C.J. tonight. Talk about a cute little chunk!!! He's 7lb 11oz and 18.5 inches long. He doesn't look a thing like Levi did when he was born.
C.J. makes the grand total of mine and Randy's niece and nephews to (drum roll please....) 7! Two boys from his side, and 4 boys, one girl from mine. WOW! I think we'll have to start our own professional sports team when they all get older!


jacquie said...

Brother Story #1:
I think the cutest thing I saw while at the hospital last night was when Kristi was holding Conrad for Levi to see. She showed Levi Conrad's little tiny foot. We watched as the wheels started to turn. He stared at the tiny foot, then looked at his own foot. Then he looked around the room at other feet. He said, "schooo" and went over to Nate, took off Nate's flip flop and took it over to Conrad! It was so adorable.

The One and Only Bugg said...

That was really cute! Levi only wanted to make sure little Conrad had some shoes to wear!

Crazysox said...

Awesome. We want pics too! Hopefully we'll be able to see him person soon. Oh, first Friday is coming up! I guess Kristen could take one month off though!