Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ma died.

No, not Caroline Ingalls, and not my mom. Our fish Ma. That's 2 fish in less than one month. Gone. Swimmin the streams of gold in fishie heaven.
That's all I can say right now. It's all too tragic.


jacquie said...

Tragic! It's hard enough losing one family fish, but to have it followed so closely by another death in the aquarium, I can't imagine your pain. I know there is no way to take the hurt away; we just want you to know that we're there for you. We're also here for you. We're everywhere for you.

Sometimes it helps to adopt another fish right away, to help divert your attention from the hurt you're experiencing and focus your affection on somthing new. However, in your case, I would suggest getting one from the toy section of Target. You know, the plastic variety that you put a little battery in and they "swim" around and smile at you do all the wonderful things of a real fish, only you never have to feed them and they never die. That is until the batery runs down. But if this happens, DO NOT do burrial by flushing. Your landlord will find out, and the whole complex will be quite annoyed Nemo Jr. gets stuck in the sewer pipes.

Randy said...


Martha said...

No more fish until you can get that darn bacteria under control.

The One and Only Bugg said...

I think it IS Champangne/Goldilocks fault. She's a sniper fish that you (Martha) sent over to destroy us all.
Gosh, what'd we ever do to you?

Mel said...

you scared me...i so thought it was your mom....i'm sorry about your fish may she rest in peace.