Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hooray for Scientific Advances in Corneal Reshaping!!!

Before Lasik
After Lasik

Today I went for my Custom View Wavefront Technology Lasik free consultation. I am a "perfect" candidate (the doctor's words, not mine) and plan on throwing away my old glasses by the end of May. Yippee! I have no idea what it means to open your eyes in the morning and actually be able to see across the room or past 10 inches in front of my face, but I will come the end of May! I am so excited!


keri said...

First of all...have you been tanning? Make sure you are wearing your protective eye goggles because you do not want to damage your eyes. :)

The One and Only Bugg said...

No I have not been tanning! I thought that was weird of how white I was in December (when the "before" pic was taken) compared to the picture that was taken at Nick & Jen's wedding in May (the "after" pic).
Kristen A. can back me up on this- the only tan I got before the wedding was from a couple of times in the spray tanning booth 1-2 weeks before. Plus some really good bronzer to even it out. The lighting is way different in the "before" pic compared to the "after". That's the only way I know to explain my color changes. I haven't been tanning since before our wedding, and I'm not one to strip down to my bikini and go prop myself up in cemetary park to lay out for the whole world to see.
It's funny how white I am.

Randy said...

I can't wait to watch my wife see the world clearly with her own eyes for the first time that she can remember. I almost cry just thinking about it. It will be a beautiful day.

jacquie said...

Your are beautiful either way.

Crazysox said...

That is AWESOME Kristi, I am so excited for you. I had the lasik done about 6 years now. I was like you before the lasik, I couldn't see a thing. I would read in bed with the book literally 4 inches from my face! I had to put my glasses just to go to the bathroom at night. To make matters worse I was a swimmer growing up, so you can imagine what it was like the firs time I went under water and could SEE! I can't wait for you to be able to see! Hurray!

cynthia said...

wow, that is great, i wish i had enough money to do that.