Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Do People Say the Things They Say? Part I

I was standing in the check-out line tonight at the hospital getting ready to buy my food. This lady, whom I have never before in my life seen nor met , came up behind me in line, looked at my tray, and said to me "Wow. You must be really hungry! Are you really going to eat all that?" (I had a half cup of mixed veggies, a 6 roll of sushi, green jello, and a small thing of milk on my tray). I said "Yeah" puzzedly, like who are you woman that I've never seen before who is asking about my food intake!?!?!? Then, to top it off, she said "I guess you're skinny, you can eat all that." After giving the woman my all time best 'confused' look, I picked up my tray and walked away.
Who was that woman? Part of the food police?

What in the world?!?!?!?!?


nathan stryker said...

well, you were getting a whole four items. she was just having a big mac, large coke, large fries. that's only three things!

jacquie said...

She was probably just trying to do what I did this week: start friendly conversations with people you don't know. She just doensn't have any tact. She probably went home to her husband and said, "Rand-uh, I mean, Honey, you would be so proud of me! I struck up a conversation with a total stranger today. It was great. We just chatted a bit in the grocery-I mean cafeteria line, and then parted company. I think I made a new friend! "

Anonymous said...

dumb. she forgot to take her medication. they were probably looking for her on the psych floor. Martha

Crazysox said...

Was she "big" at all. That is pretty rude, should have added an ice-cream to your tray too, and say "and I'm going to eat this whole ice-cream for dessert!!" you jerk!

Anonymous said...

And if you don't watch your back I may eat you , too!